Helpful Links

A diagnosis of prostate cancer is scary enough. You shouldn't have to worry about going through the journey alone, how and where to get your questions answered, how to educate yourself on the many available treatments and procedures or how you're going to pay for it all. We've compiled this list of resources to help you get started on your research. Many of these organizations and companies might fall into multiple categories, so we hope you'll take the time to browse what each has to offer. 

Early Detection & Screenings

Support Groups

If you haven't been diagnosed, but have concerns, are looking for a doctor or second opinion, or are just being proactive about your health, visit these sites. Some can help you arrange an in-person or virtual medical visit.

Whether in person or virtually, from the comfort of your own home, these groups provide support, guidance and mentoring.

Clinical Trials

Information & Education

  • - This government site lists all the current open trials being conducted across the country and abroad. 

International and national organizations and coalitions, state government programs, medical centers and universities provide a wealth of prostate cancer information, guides and resources.

Funding & Co-Pay Assistance

Your doctor's office and specialty pharmacies have patient advocates who may be able to assist in finding low-cost sources, co-pay assistance or cash prices for procedures. Your place of worship might also have resources available. Sign up for a free account at FundFinder for current, real-time listings of available co-pay assistance you can apply for. Or input your info at the CFAC site for a customized list of resources.

Radio & Podcasts