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Not sure where to turn? Just been diagnosed? Has your physician suggested a therapy and you have questions?
The Arizona Community has patients/warriors who have already gone through what you are experiencing. They are not medical professionals (always also seek professional opinions), but rather they offer their experiences in a fellow patient to fellow patient exchange.
If you would if you would like to speak to a mentor or sign up to volunteer your time and experiences to be a mentor, please click on the appropriate link below and you will be directed to our mentoring applications.  Not to be forgotten are the Help line services being offered by our national alliance and the national UsTOO support organization.
The National Alliance of Prostate Cancer Coalitions has a call in line:
Toll Free: 877-NASPCC-8 - (877-627-7228)
The National Us TOO Prostate Cancer HelpLine at 1-800-808-7866 (1-800-80-US-TOO)
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